Claverack Voters Re-Elect Katy Cashen to Town Board

Claverack Democratic volunteers provided tremendous support to campaign.

Katy Cashen

Claverack Town Councilwoman Katy Cashen is pleased to declare victory in her bid for a third term on the Claverack Town Board. Cashen stated, “I’m pleased that I have been chosen by the voters of Claverack to continue to serve on the Claverack Town Board.”

Claverack Democratic Town Chair, Stephanie Sussman, said, “We are so pleased that Katy Cashen will continue to serve the Town of Claverack as she has done for the past eight years – with her hard work, her knowledge and experience of our community and the workings of government, and her values.”

Ian Solomon, Cashen’s running mate, noted, “Katy has done an outstanding job for our town over the past eight years, and I’m so glad she will be representing us for another four. I was honored to work with her on the campaign trail, and I look forward to her next term.”

Throughout their campaign, Cashen and Solomon spoke to hundreds of voters throughout the Town of Claverack, of all political parties, to share their values of fiscal responsibility, sensible and achievable goals, and ways to improve the effectiveness of town government to strengthen Claverack’s future. Both believe that outreach, involvement, and frequent communication with residents builds a stronger community.

Sussman added, “We are very proud of the campaign that Katy and Ian ran, along with the extraordinary efforts of our volunteers and supporters who canvassed, made phone calls, planted lawn signs, and donated to this campaign.”

Cashen also offered her gratitude to the volunteers, stating “Thank you to our campaign team and all the volunteers and supporters who helped on our campaign. It was a true team effort and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Sussman and Cashen also thanked Solomon for stepping up and running for office. About Solomon, Cashen stated, “You were a great running mate and I look forward to working with you on town issues in the years ahead.” Sussman added, “Although Ian was not successful this time, he did a fabulous job and I look forward to the next time he runs for office.”

The Claverack Democratic Committee is committed to putting our core democratic values to work on a grassroots level. Our strength comes from our beliefs of honoring inclusion and diversity; respect for liberty, equality, and justice; and improving the quality of life for all in our community.