Who We Are

The Claverack Democrats are committed to putting our core democratic values to work on a grassroots level. Our strength comes from our beliefs of honoring inclusion and diversity, respect for liberty, equality and justice , and improving the quality of life for all in our community.

Claverack Democrats live in the Town of Claverack which includes the Village of Philmont. The town and village have a rich and historic past which we value and want to protect, as well as advocating for its stable and secure future. Preserving and protecting our environment, our agricultural resources, our rural character and our historic architecture are at the heart of our local economy. We advocate for strengthening our schools and our infrastructure, and supporting the growth of our local businesses so that they can provide jobs locally and attract families and new residents to our community.

Claverack Democrats are a diverse group. Some are lifelong residents with deep roots in the community. Others came as second homeowners and have now made Claverack their only home. Others are still weekenders, and more and more Claverack Democrats are newer arrivals from across the United States or other areas of New York State who are drawn to our rural character and beautiful rolling hillsides to enjoy their lives or grow their families.

The Claverack Democratic Committee (CDC) is comprised of a 4 member leadership structure (Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and 10 Election District Representatives that connect with voters in their district. The Chair and the 10 Election District Representatives are voting members of the Columbia County Democratic Committee. Subcommittees of the CDC focus on communications, fundraising and voter outreach to support candidates for election to our local town government, as well as state/national candidates to represent us.

Among our diverse membership is an enthusiastic group, Claverack Democrats United (CDU), a subgroup of the CDC. The CDU is energizing our local Democratic Committee. Claverack Democrats United is actively working to increase our visibility and build a greater Democratic presence in Claverack through civic, social and political activities. CDU meets monthly and organizes events that support our goals.

We welcome all Democrats to join us and be part of our efforts.

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